What's in Weezy's ice cream?

Only the freshest, wholesome ingredients. We buy our dairy, fruits and eggs from the local farmers market and we buy them fresh on the day of production.

We make a point to use organic, non-GMO and fair trade ingredients.


How do you support local?

At the core we're a community company so we make it a point to support other local businesses. For example, we source our coffee grounds from Parlor Coffee, our whiskey from Kings County Distillery, and our honey from Brooklyn Grange Farm; businesses which are all within a two mile radius of our kitchen.

We even employ our neighbor, League Design, for all our graphic design needs!


How do I get my ice cream?

For a flat rate of $25, Weezy's offers local delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (within 3 miles of our kitchen). Alternatively, free pickup from our Williamsburg location is also available.

Fill out the delivery / pick up form at the checkout or contact icecream@weezys.com to schedule a time.


Do you ship ice cream interstate?

At the moment Weezy's does not offer shipping. We like to hand deliver our ice cream to you for the personal touch ;)

We currently only serve New York City.


How long does it take to get my ice cream?

We'll try our absolute best to get your ice cream to you within 3 business days of receiving the order.

We churn each batch fresh, but in instances where we have excess inventory, you'll receive your pints sooner! Woohoo!


Where do I buy Weezy's ice cream?

Weezy's is available for purchase here on our website.

Click here to shop now!

We're also happy to announce that our ice cream is served exclusively at Feast. Indulge in some incredible house made desserts paired with your favorite scoops of Weezy's, or simply order an ice cream flight (or two)!


Do you do catering and events?

Yes! Weezy's is available to scoop ice cream at your next event! Weddings, birthdays, graduations... we want to be part of it! Contact icecream@weezys.com for information about services and rates.


My favorite flavor is out of stock! Help!

We use only the freshest ingredients in our ice cream so if something, say strawberries, aren't in season or just aren't up to our standards, there will be no Berry White.

But not to worry! Send us an email at icecream@weezys.com and we'll let you know as soon as we get your flavor back in stock.


How do I preserve the great taste of Weezy's ice cream?

Ice cream that has been exposed to heat and air will form ice crystals, creating an icy, less palatable texture. To avoid this, keep your ice cream frozen at all times and minimize the pint's exposure to air.

Alternatively, eat the entire pint in one sitting!


Do you have any dairy-free flavors?

At present, Weezy's stocks two dairy-free flavors. Back that Hass Up, a vegan avocado ice cream, and Cow Tipping, an ultra creamy chocolate sorbet.

Our test kitchen is always working on tasty new flavors so stay connected to find out when our next dairy-free flavors hit freezers!


Do you have any gluten-free flavors?

Yes, many of our ice creams are gluten free! Since every element of Weezy's ice cream is made in house, we are able to accommodate any food allergies and intolerances.

Contact icecream@weezys.com for more information.